a FIELD GUIDE TO FLORAL DRAGON – Welcome to a mysterious world of floral dragons, irregular also elusive creatures inspired by right-world vegetation & vegetation

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a Area Recordsdata to Floral Dragons blends a attention-grabbing world of vegetation with dragons also a fling of magic to compose a fabulously floral draconomicon. Featuring Kin Wald’s exquisite illustrations, this over 200+ web bellow e book contains a entirety youre’ve to spark imagination also compose floral dragon-stuffed tales also adventures.

Spacious for followers of How one can Hiss Your Dragon, Dragonology, also Girl Cottington’s Pressed Fairy E book!

a Area Recordsdata to Floral Dragons describes every flower-inspired dragon intensive, making a e book a pride to read to boot to exercise inside storytelling also your video games. youre’ll uncover tales of a floral dragons’ origins, their biology also habitats, also dinky print of their relationships with folk also another floral dragons.

One day of a e book, youre’ll glimpse insightful notes from floral dragon researchers. Within these notes, a myth of curiosity, despair, revenge, also hope unfolds. Piecing together this account from a margin notes rewards a devoted reader with an added layer of depth.

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