Branham Cult Caught Protecting Up Abuse – Victimizing a Victims

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Jonas Felicio Pimentel is a frontrunner of William Branham’s cult of persona from Brazil also head pastor of a evangelical Tabernacle of Faith church inside Brazil. He assumed church leadership after customary Branhamite leader Joaquim Goncalves Silva died. a church became tainted after turning into a goal of an investigation for sexual abuse also harassment of as a minimal four kids attending a church.[1]

inside 2024, Pimentel made nationwide data after trying to veil up bodily also sexual crimes inside opposition to girls also children. He claimed that a motive kids of a Branham cult are abused is because they’re guilty of some sin, also inside cases of sexual crimes, along side rape, a kids are guilty of collaborating inside a crime. As a substitute of reporting a crimes, Pimentel told fogeys to see a “guilty” kids at all cases since a abuse is a cult’s “custom” also might presumably well even become “picked up” by assorted households also can discontinuance up inside extra “unintended” crimes. Even terminate household might presumably well restful become separated except a father or mother is staring at a doable sufferer at all cases.[2]

There are instances a put, when a little one is abused, a little one is additionally guilty because it has given way. Nonetheless that is an exception, but it without a doubt is internal these occasions. kids are additionally guilty, they’ve participation[3]
– Pimentel
Baby abuse advocates inside Brazil were curiously contacted by church participants who realized a pastor’s statements disturbing also felt that a veil-up of little one abuse might presumably well restful become uncovered. a statements were posted to social media, also one response summed it up effectively:

Inserting a sufferer as guilty is effectively for oldsters that contain loads to cover also has to become investigated {…} My lord, a absurdity youre contain stunning spoken of might presumably well restful now no longer most moving shock me, but, to all who were kids also who as of late are grownup fogeys also who are now no longer inside a living of an abuser or pedophile. [Pimentel’s] statements are disgusting
– Xuxa Meneghel
Pimentel tried to camouflage cases of bodily abuse inside a church by instructing victims, “Whenever youre happen to’ve bruises, veil them with adhesive tape.” Pimentel curiously continues to disclose fogeys to assault their kids inside step with William Branham’s directions for bodily abuse. Branham praised fogeys who stripped their kids naked also beat their flesh unless it became bruised, mutilated, also swollen to a extent that attire would no longer fit. Branham’s well-liked instrument for beating victims became a barrel slat, a rounded board dilapidated to secure whiskey barrels.[4] Branham additionally urged men to beat their much better halves using two-by-four lope.

youre would learn a design illiterate they were. She’d beat her till she’d become so corpulent of welts, youre couldn’t web a attire over a discontinuance of them. That’s what wants to become done tonight.[5]
– William Branham
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